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As recent events in Tel Aviv, Israel's capital and one of the world's most popular sports cities, have shown, football is king in the Middle East. In June, Tel Aviv hosted the largest Gay Pride Parade in Israel, attended by over 100,000 people. It was followed by an annual football match between Israel and the United States, the only country in Europe to do so in a single day, and only the second time in Europe.

The Tel Aviv - Jaffa City Council continues to promote the city's sports culture, and we will therefore participate in the promotion of runners along the route. We will contribute to the festive atmosphere that surrounds our city, and therefore we will participate in a program that also works with the National Union of Israeli Students, which represents Israeli universities. Leading to Peace is supported by the Israeli Football Association, which oversees the Israeli national football team, which is made up of both Jewish and Arab Israelis and is led by the Circassian Muslim Bibras Natkho.

The antithesis of Hapoel Tel Aviv is not only the only team in the highest league that has Arab players, but also the team that has been very successful over the last decade and that is one of the most successful teams in Israel's highest - the Flight Football League - refuses to accept the national flag. Maccabi Tel Aviv, especially in basketball, likes to play in the "national team" and claims that this is the case - a claim that has angered many fans of other teams.

Arabs and half Jewish, half of the players were born in the United States, half in Israel, and the team is owned by the family of one of Israel's richest men, Yitzhak Rabin, a billionaire businessman.

Maccabi Tel Aviv has won 35 editions of the Israel Cup, five European Championships and 45 Israeli titles. The Israeli national basketball team won both the Asian and European championships and is considered the best team in the Middle East and the second best in Europe after the United States. They dominate the national league and are the best team in Europe, they have 22 Israeli Cup wins and 18 Israeli league titles, but they have not won a European Championship and only one European Cup.

Currently ranked 36th, Israel is among the top 10 best teams in the world and the second best team in Europe after France.

Israel is an international centre of Jewish sport in the world and since 1932 the Maccabiah Games have been held in this country, one of the most prestigious international sporting events in Israel. Israeli athletics is mainly concentrated in athletics, where Israel has achieved remarkable success in both men's and women's athletics, as well as in women's, men's and girls's athletics. It is the largest international athletics event of its kind, held every four years in Israel and the second largest in Europe after the Olympic Games.

At the last Olympics there were medals here and there, even a few gold medals in windsurfing, but it is the money and time events that really need to shine.

In the coming days, we will witness more sporting exploits when the Maccabees officially open in Israel today. Israeli sport, the marathon, which has become its own sport, is held in Tel Aviv on the first day of the Games. It is the largest marathon in the history of the world and the second largest ever held outside Israel after the Rio Olympics.

The Antiques Museum in Tel Aviv and Jaffa is also worth a visit if you have time, and the Antiques Park in Old Jafabe A must - whoever sees it, sees it. If you are planning to travel to Israel with your family and visit the Maccabees, Temple Mount or other ancient sites in the city, Jaffa is a place not to be missed.

Jaffa has existed for thousands of years and was the home of Israel's first king, King David II, before it was incorporated into Tel Aviv in the 1950s. Today, with 1.5 million inhabitants, it is Israel's second largest city after Tel Aviv, which was founded in 1909.

Tel Aviv was founded by a number of Jewish families who wanted a suburb with a garden and moved away from the dunes. However, the inhabitants of Tel Aviv were persuaded by the inhabitants of Jaffa, with the help of the city's first mayor, Yitzhak Rabin, to create a new central business district.

Today, a number of teams are taking part in the Israeli National Netball League, which is based in Jaffa. Israel's women's rugby league is made up of two divisions: the National Rugby League and the Women's Rugby Football League.

The Israeli Football League is completely separate from the Palestinian League, as it is composed exclusively of multi-ethnic teams, with one notable exception. One of the few places where Arab Jewish Israelis mix with the general community is the football field, which is located near a pharmacy. Arab and Jewish teams that field a multi-ethnic team are the Jaffa Soccer League, one of only a handful of soccer leagues in Israel.

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More About Jaffa