Jaffa flea market

Being by the sea, Jaffa naturally has some of the best fish restaurants in Israel, alongside Herzliya. One of the most well-known amongst these dining hotspots is the Old Man and the Sea, a seafood restaurant that's intensely popularwith locals and which travellers are quickly getting to know. Dining at one of Jaffa's fish restaurants can be a fantastic way to catch the sunset and look out over the Mediterranean, but it's not for the light hearted.

Unless you book a table, it's not uncommon for the most well-loved of these restaurants to involve queues of up to 45 minutes depending on when you arrive. If you can handle the wait, you'll be rewarded with more food than you can handle, as Israelis absolutely love their salads and starters. At the Old Man and the Sea, you might find yourself seated at long tables, perhaps alongside other diners. Most of the time, it's barely enough room for the 20 plus starters and voluminous pita breads you'll be served.

No trip to Old Jaffa is complete without stopping in at the flea market, or ‘Shuk Hapishpishim'. Here, you'll find yourself or your next souvenir somewhere amidst thrumming, closely packed stalls selling antiques, art, trinkets, posters or paintings and lots of clothes. Definitely brush up on your bargaining skills, it's expected, and if you're good you'll save yourself a lot of money. Remember though, like most everything in Israel, the flea market is not open on Saturday as this is Shabbat.

Do stop by one of the local bakeries before heading down to the seaside for a stroll, as Israeli pastries are a unique way to treat yourself to a truly local experience. Across from the flea market you'll find one of the best local bakeries Hahalfanim where you'll be able to pick up bureka (filled savory pastries) or a spongy sweet rugelach cookie.