Jaffa Port

Also known to the locals as Yafo, Jaffa is a port city that lives up to it’s reputation as an enchanting archaeological gem full of twisting streets and stairways. Like the larger Tel Aviv, which grew out of Jaffa, you’ll find yourself with loads of choices when it comes to both upmarket restaurants, corner cafes. Inevitably, you’ll never be far away from a kiosk selling “barad” (Hebrew for “hail”) which is a colourful crushed ice drink popular with locals as a way to beat the heat.

While Jaffa port goes back thousands of years, it’s a trendy spot with travellers and Israelis alike when it comes to dining. When eating lunch or dinner in Israel, it’s very hard to beat the traditional restaurants that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Even if you go in with a completely empty stomach to one of these restaurants, you’ll never come out hungry. Do not take this warning lightly as it’s common for Israeli restaurants to serve up to 20 different dishes of salad, dips, starters and generous helpings of massive, freshly baked pita breads. Expect any or all of the usual hummous, tabbouleh, tahini, falafel as well as the ones that you’ll never be able to beat quality-wise outside the Middle East like Israeli eggplant salad and the spicy green or red schug.

If you’re going to enjoy the beach, you’ll find loads of locals doing the same. A stroll along the boardwalk can be a great way to stretch your legs and catch a breath after a big lunch or dinner. In the daytime, you’ll be able to see the beautiful old lighthouse while comparing the older architecture of Jaffa Old city with Azrieli and the rest of Tel Aviv’s shiny new structures.